Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another Great Website for Medical Marijuana

If you live in a state that supports medicinal marijuana, then I suggest visiting When I first obtained my medical marijuana documents, WeedTracker made it easy to understand.

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How to obtain your medical marijuana card

If you are living in Los Angeles, there are certain doctors who willing to make a medical marijuana "recommendation". This of course is different than a prescription, and is often done on a seperate piece of paper rather than a prescription pad in order to avoid issues with the D.E.A. (According to the federal government Medical Marijuana is still illegal regardless of any state law)

Usually a doctor's reccomendation is valid for one year. Once you obtain a doctor's recommendation, you are then able to visit a Medical Marijuana Pharmacy, or Dispensary. Upon entering the dispensary you must provide a valid california ID and doctor's note. It usually takes about 30 minutes to verify patient information. After your information has been processed, you are allowed to enter the showroom.

Imagine being at an ice cream parlor, except instead of ice cream behind the glass, there is marijuana. Most shops carry a variety of strains. Some memorable strains have been, "Skywalker" "Super Silver Haze" "Headband" "Love Goo" and "White Widow". Prices can really differ, but most pharmacies will give you a free gift on your first visit.

There are over 50 dispensaries within a 20 minute drive from my house.

A good resource for finding dispensaries to visit is:

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